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Our Tested Recipes--All 662 Of Them

Here's an index to NOMenu's highly selective collection of recipes. You'll find a heavy emphasis on Creole, Cajun, and other local styles. We are going not for numbers of recipes (although over the years we've accumulated over 600), but for deliciousness. Guarantee: every recipe you find on has been tested in my own kitchen and written by my own hands. We don't even take recipes from restaurant chefs at face value, but try them out and word them in a consistent style to make them easy to use and understand.

Lamb rack.There are two ways to explore our recipe library. The first is to just browse through the list below of all the recipes. They're in alphabetical order by recipe name. Usually, the main ingredient is the first word in the name, but not always. Just click on any of the dish names to go right to the recipe.

We also have the recipes grouped by categories. In the blue bar under the logo, put your mouse pointer over Recipes. You'll see a drop-down list of the main categories. Move your pointer over one of those, and a second list of sub-categories wil appear. Click on any of these, and you'll get a list of recipes in that category.

If after all that you can't find a recipe, use the Search box in the upper right hand corner of the screen. It's always best to enter just a small part of the recipe's name (i.e., "oyster" or even just "oys" when seaching for "oysters Rockefeller").

I'm adding new recipes all the time as I keep on cooking and writing. Please let me know if you need help with a recipe here, or if there's one you'd like that's not here. I hope you enjoy these dishes as much as I do!--Tom Fitzmorris.

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